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Some Items Remembered From Summer

Coley Gallagher

    My children returned to school today. Sort of. One had a half day, morning only. The oldest attends class in the afternoon. Mercifully, the youngest will be held at the middle school for the entire day.
    We’ve had a pretty outstanding summer so far. Loads of company, sunshine, play time and relaxation. Admittedly, the World Cup and hosting houseguests put me on my heels, but I bounced back. I'm surprisingly tan. Not surprisingly, I wrote little, however, I kept mental notes on any insights and discoveries I wanted or needed to share with you. They are in thematic and, it turns out, mostly chronological, order:

There is such a thing as watching too much soccer.


The corners of my 20 year-old Keith Haring mousepad are peeling.

I prefer watching Wild Wild Country during the 4th Of July Block Party and only going outside for dinner.

Much as I mean to, I'm never going to read your Twitter feed. Or anyone else's.

I need never visit another amusement park.

I would go broke running a B&B.

Watching television during the day might not hasten the end times, but it makes me feel lousy, and by lousy, I mean fat.

People who watch TV during the day buy a lot of medication.

I wish the Queer Eyes boys were my friends.

I may be addicted to peaches.

Taking a walk makes anything better.

My middle son doesn't realize how uncool it is to sit on my lap.

We don’t pay teachers enough.

We should build them houses. Nice ones.

And cut their lawns.